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Wellan Institute offers:

  • Montessori teacher certification courses

  • Professional development workshops for teachers, assistant teachers, Specialists, and administrators working in or interested in Montessori education

  • Adult education workshops for parents and caregivers of children ages 1–14


Wellan Institute provides leadership and professional development opportunities for interested Wellan Montessori School faculty by hiring and training them as adult educators for its offerings.


Wellan Institute is an initiative of Wellan Montessori School. Our vision is that the institute will become known for advancing diversity initiatives within the field of Montessori education.


We hope to inspire, challenge, and empower adult learners, especially those whose race, gender, or socio-economic identities are under-represented in most Montessori schools, to become certified Montessori teachers.


We also aspire to motivate all those working in Montessori schools to actively bring a diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-bias, and anti-racist approach to their work with students, families and colleagues.

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