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Fostering Toddler Independence
Saturday, October 26, 2024, 1:30 – 3:00 PM

For adults who care for children ages 18 months to 3 years

“I can do it myself”
If you’ve encountered this scenario, you’re likely familiar with a toddler. Toddlerhood is a period of independent skills development, but it can also be frustrating due to both limited abilities and adult interference. This workshop explores ways to create a home environment that supports these developmental needs. By making small adjustments in our lives, we can contribute to a happier toddler and a harmonious family.

Helping Elementary Students Stay Organized

Wednesday, November 13, 2024, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

For adults who care for children ages 6-10 years

Organization is always one of the biggest executive functioning challenges that kids face. This includes being prepared, maintaining tidy materials, having essentials readily available, adhering to schedules. Effective organization serves as the foundation for various crucial abilities. As parents of elementary- aged children, we often grapple with helping our children prepare for each day.

The good news is that organization is an executive functioning skill that can be taught, practiced, and strengthened over time. This workshop delves into various techniques that can children in developing this essential skill.

Guiding Pre-Teens’ Use of Technology

Thursday, March 13, 2025, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
For adults who care for children ages 8-12 years


In the past, young adults eagerly anticipated milestones like getting their driver’s license. Nowadays, however, a significant milestone is acquiring their first smartphone. Unlike learning to drive, which involves lessons, permits, and tests to ensure road readiness, many parents purchase phones for their kids without a structured learning process. The impact of social media on children’s mental health is a pressing public health concern. While there are potential benefits to social media use, parents constantly grapple with determining the right time for their pre-teens to enter the world of smartphones and social media.

This workshop aims to equip parents and caregivers with strategies to ensure their pre-teens engage with social media and smartphones safely. It also provides guidance on maintaining open and ongoing conversations with children about these digital platforms.

Teaching Emotional Self-Regulation Skills & Responding to Challenging Behavior

Saturday, March 15, 2025, 1:30 – 3:00 PM

For adults who care for children ages 4-7 years


Self-regulation in children refers to their developing ability to regulate their emotions, thoughts, and behavior. It enables them to act in a positive way towards a goal.

When young children encounter challenging, frustrating, or exciting situations, they may experience strong emotions. How adults respond to these behaviors and their ability to manage them can impact the severity and duration of these emotional experiences.  

This workshop explores empathetic approaches for parents and caregivers to address such behaviors. It provides information on tailoring our reactions to children’s understanding and skill level promoting the use of these self-regulatory skills in real-life contexts.

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