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The Wellan Institute Teacher Education Program (Wellan TEP) is an Early Childhood adult education program run by the Wellan Institute. Our course has been thoughtfully designed to offer a number of distinctive features to adult learners.

  1. Robust Curriculum - we provide extra practice hours with instructors along with in-depth exploration of each topic

  2. Highly trained faculty - Wellan Montessori School is well known for its excellence and highly qualified education. We bring in the expertise from the School to teach in the Program

  3. "Following the Learner" with in-person classes, continuous advisory meetings, regular feedback, and learning together.

  4. DEI, Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist Educational Practices - Our curriculum integrates ABAR and DEI throughout the course with special time dedicated to how we can make our classroom inclusive and foster the development of teaching with a DEI-ABAR lens.

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