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The Wellan Institute Teacher Education Program (Wellan TEP) has been thoughtfully designed to offer a number of distinctive features to adult learners. We created our program specifically tailored to the way adults learn. 


Hands-on Learning in a Prepared Environment

Wellan TEP students benefit from personally experiencing and internalizing the impact of hands-on learning in a prepared environment. 


Wellan TEP offers adult students an in-person learning context that mimics the experience Montessori students have when they begin learning abstract concepts by using 3D materials in a prepared environment. Wellan TEP students benefit from in-person classes held at Wellan Montessori School, which has six Primary classrooms. Spending time in established Montessori classrooms allows easy access to all the necessary Montessori materials. As is the case for children, the opportunity to explore the classroom and engage with the materials helps to enhance and reinforce learning.


Robust Academic Coursework

Wellan TEP students benefit from a program that exceeds the minimum requirements for accredited teacher education programs.


Wellan TEP coursework hours allow for extra guided practice as well as in-depth exploration of topics based on student interest. Wellan TEP also requires classes on topics that are not explicitly mandated by MACTE or AMS but which, we believe, will help adult learners feel extra-prepared when they enter the classroom. These include hours focused on topics such as Art, Music, Drama, Parent Engagement, Record-keeping, Sewing, Storytelling, and more.


Emphasis on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist Educational Practices

Wellan TEP students benefit from a course that strives to integrate DEI and ABAR throughout the course.


Maria Montessori emphasized the inherent dignity of each individual being, the importance of self-reflection and spiritual preparation for teachers, and the necessity to educate students to take action that can lead to a more peaceful world. This program honors all of these tenets. Throughout the academic phase, Wellan TEP students will engage in reading, discussion, and personal reflection exercises that foster the development of teaching with a DEI-ABAR lens and a commitment to creating welcoming, diverse, equitable learning spaces.


Regular, Ongoing Advisory Support 

Wellan TEP students benefit from having an advisor who meets with them online on a regular basis during both the academic and practicum phases.


Often, busy learners struggle to maintain regular progress and complete assignments on time. Wellan TEP is committed to supporting adult learners in completing the certification course and taking full advantage of all Wellan Institute has to offer. An advisor will hold a virtual monthly meeting with students to field questions and offer encouragement. Advisory sessions held during the practicum will focus on helping students address the challenges they face in the classroom as they apply what they have learned in the academic phase.

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